Dear orchid-friend,               

Because of the CITES rules we only send plants abroad under the following conditions:

a. You write your order to us;
b. We will confirm your order and send you an invoice;
c. You pay the invoice in advance;
d. We take care of the health certificates and if necessary the CITES-forms;
e. We will send off your order.
f.  Per priority Post for: 0>2 kg € 20.-- , 2>5 kg € 25.-- , 5>10 kg € 30.--

Our terms of delivery are:

All deliveries take place from Hollandsche-Rading, except if agreed otherwise.
The costs of forwarding will be on the buyer's expense.
OrchideeŽn Wubben will not take any responsibility for the delivery of the plants.
The buyer must be responsible to insure his order.

We intend  dividing our personal collection. Many of these rare plants are not in our lists.
If you have any requests or desires, please let us know.
Don't hesitate to call us or to visit our nursery!

Prices are in Euro (€), and subject to change.

Explanation of the abbreviation :



Manner of cultivation

s = bloom; flowering this year
s1 = flowering within one year
s2 = flowering within two years, etc.
d = division
m = meristeme plant

w = warm
k = cold
g = moderate
gw = moderately warm
wh = winterhard

k = in box
h = pendulous
p = in pot
n    = new is this list



zam = South America
cam = Central America
cza = Central- and South America
zoa = South East Asia

oce = Oceanic
afr = Africa
azi = Asia
a&o = Asia en Oceanic
hyb = hybrid

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